During the process of research (identification, target approach) and throughout the negotiations, the psychological dimension is a key success factor.

On this point, we draw lessons from our practical negotiation experience over the past fifteen years to carefully prepare and analyze in detail our exchanges with counterparties throughout the talks.

We pay the same attention, ensure the same quality throughout the process and use the same working methods with all our customers, regardless of size or valuation of companies.

Thus a complete understanding of company culture, market position, and the expectations of the transferor is a priority for our team.

As the completion of an operation is part of a relatively long cycle (≥12 months), we strive to establish a strong relationship of trust and proximity. We communicate regularly regarding the progress of the project, and maintain a close, direct link with our client, from start to finish.

Finally, in order to ensure successful completion of the negotiations in taking care to avoid the risk of disruption, we watch closely for any misunderstandings and take the time necessary to clearly explain the positions of each party and to resolve any problems that arise or are identified.