Overview of our approach

Confidentiality of information

We attach great importance to the confidentiality of the information we share, we process and we distribute.

When we provide information to declared candidates, we always execute the due diligence and also take all precautions.

During the transfer process, management of uncontrolled information could be prejudicial and is posing a serious threat to the company both internally (risk of disturbance and anxiety of employees) and on the market (rumors or leaks can be harmful and taken advantage of unscrupulous competitors who will destabilize the Company maintaining doubt with its customers and suppliers).

We manage each project as strictly confidential. Thus, during our mission our presence and operations in the company are kept to a minimum because we prefer a direct and close contact (at our offices or by phone) by staying away from the Company.

Our clients are continuously informed about the working progress of the operation. Each step before its execution has been previously validated by our clients and gets detailed account and exchange reports.

Therefore, we establish a truthful, close and direct relationship with our customers throughout the mission.

The psychological dimension: A key success factor in the negotiation

A successful negotiation is based on the combination of two complementary but distinct approaches sometimes contradictory. It requires careful advance preparation:

Technical approach (intelligible and rational aspect):

  • Mastering of all functions as accounting, financial, commercial, industrial, legal, tax
  • Introducing of leading experts

Psychological approach (sensitive area)

  • Understanding the behavior and interplay of each party (identification of interests and the real motivations of the counterpart)
  • Checking the desire and enthusiasm to work together
  • Preparation of the negotiation, presentation and classification of arguments as in-depth knowledge of the sector
  • Selection of advisers
  • Support to the client to ensure the successful conclusion of the negotiations, preventing misunderstandings or mistakes, taking time to explain the position of the parties and resolution of identified problems
  • Our duty consists of defending the interests of our client during negotiations