Contractual framework

Each mission would lead to the formalization of agreements or specific mission. In this context, the following points are set accurately:

  • Purpose of the mission
  • Background of the operation & project organization
  • Calendar
  • Duration of the assignment
  • Remuneration

Structure and organization of the project

We have developed a practical and efficient methodology structured in 4 steps:

  • Step 1 : Preparation & finding potential buyers
  • Step 2 : Identification and selection of candidates
  • Step 3 : Negotiation & sales
  • Step 4 : Support after the sale if necessary

Execution time

Our experience has shown that, the average execution time of a proposed sale that we are busy with, will be about 12 months.


The major part of our remuneration is tied to the success of the operation, thus ensuring the commitment of LOGION FINANCE’s partners to defend in the first place, the interests of their client.