In order to defend your interests throughout the process leading to the transaction, LOGION FINANCE’s team makes a difference by combining :

  • financial expertise
  • in-depth knowledge of the management of negotiations and human behaviour
  • a mastery of the management of complex or unexpected situations encountered during an operation

The LOGION FINANCE team has built its identity by capitalizing on these assets.

As the time required for the completion of an operation is relatively long, we understand that the director must focused on the further development of his or her business.

One of our priorities is to relieve him of repetitive and time-consuming tasks of the negociation (presentation of the project, answers to the questions of qualification of the prospects, multiple exchanges to test the existence of a real interest, …) during the talks then during preliminary negotiation phases with counterparties.

Likewise, our ability to remain creative in the search for candidates by broadening the fields of possibilities remains one of our specialities.

Our mandates are primarily entrusted to us by director-shareholders of SMEs and independent family groups but also by investment funds and private investors.