Understand the objectives and challenges of our clients in order to adapt our approach and personalise our actions. Identify market constraints, understand the organisation of the competitive game, analyse the positioning of the company and leverage its strengths.

To fulfil this vision, the qualified professional team of LOGION FINANCE has established a structured, practical approach, and put in place a proven and effective methodology.


  • Sale of shares
  • Reclassification of minority interest
  • Transfer of subsidiaries (spin-off)
  • Transfer of assets and business segments
  • Spinning off business segments


  • Target acquisitions
  • Growth strategy of successive acquisitions in a business sector (build up)
  • Diversification into new markets or related markets
  • Stake acquisitions

Fund raising

  • Increasing equity capital
  • Reorganisation of capital
  • Seeking financing for asset acquisitions

Financial engineering – Consulting

  • Valuation/Assessment
  • Financial package development
  • Preparatory assistance for transfers
  • Studies and recommendations prior to initiating an operation
  • Guidance and support for transactions initiated by the shareholder

Our references

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