Understanding the goals and needs of our clients to tailor our approach and customize our actions. Understanding market constraints, knowing the organization of the competitive game, analyzing the position of the Company and enhancing its strengths.

LOGION FINANCE has established a structured pragmatic approach, a proven and effective methodology due to a team of professionals


  • Transfer of securities
  • Reclassification of minority interests
  • Sales of subsidiaries (spin-off)
  • Transfer of assets and business divisions
  • Opening up business branches


  • Acquisition of targeted businesses
  • Growth strategy through successive acquisitions in a specific industry
  • Diversification by entry into new markets
  • Acquiring stakes in a company
  • Extension of new activities


  • Equity increasing
  • Capital reorganization
  • Research funding for the assets’ acquisition

Financial Engineering – Consulting

  • Evaluation
  • Designing Ad Hoc financial arrangements
  • Sales assistance
  • Study and prior recommendation to perform an operation
  • Transactions’ support initiated by the shareholder

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